organizacijska struktura IYA2009

The IYA2009 will happen at all levels: international, national, regional and local. Most of the events will be organised locally and will rely on local amateur and professional astronomers. However, an international network of  interconnecting organising bodies will ensure that the best ideas and practices are shared.



The International Astronomical Union has established an Executive Committee Working Group (IYA2009 WG), chaired by the IAU President, Catherine Cesarsky, to lead the IAU’s efforts for IYA2009. The IAU envisions its role in IYA2009 as taking responsibility for:

•    Organising a small number of truly global events.
•    Establishing the international IYA2009 website ( This will serve as a focal point for IYA2009 activities and as a clearinghouse for activities and projects at the national level. It will provide information useful for the global coordination of this event. For instance:

    o    Contact information for the organisers for press, educators and public.
    o    Background information.
    o    Latest news.
    o    Lists of global and international events.
    o    Lists of events in each country.
    o    Links to the IYA2009 pages in each country (see the National Pages ).
    o    Ideas for local, regional and national events.

The IYA2009 will most likely include a formal Opening Event, possibly at UNESCO in Paris,
France (January), an event on the occasion of the XXVII IAU General Assembly in Rio de Janeiro,
Brazil (August) and a formal Closing Event, possibly in Florence, Italy.